Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Collective exhibition - ARTmART 2015 Vienna

Back in November, I was given another opportunity to exhibit some works. Held in the Vienna Künstlerhaus and co-organized by ARTmART and Cheapart, this exhibition was part of the Vienna Art Week.


  1. Hello Andreas, I'm from Mexico and I'm surprised, in these moments my life is confused by the decisions I've made, and in the last image you have made me reflect on the course of my life in a metaphor where each line is an action that it influences beyond what we can perceive.

  2. I like 4 of 13.
    Reminds me of Lebbeus and Ralph Steadman

  3. μπραβο εξαιρετικά σχέδια

  4. Brilliant work. Love and big hugs from Bangladesh.

    -- a fellow sketcher.